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Welcome to The World of Diamonds & Colour

"I look into a Diamond and I see a glacial pond that contains the nectar of Immorality and Love."


I am a master jewellery designer, specialising in High Diamond Jewellery; symbolic of LOVE. My designs encapsulate the divine, natural beauty and glamour of colourless DiamondsFancy Coloured Diamonds and rare exotic gemstones.

endeavour to create unique bespoke jewellery, hand made, by Australian artisans. My Diamond creations predominantly feature beautiful, 

Australian Diamonds, certified and sourced from the Argyle Diamond mine, located in the remote East Kimberley region in Western Australia.


Clientele are by invitation or appointment only


When we unite, we will have a unique, private prolongation into the exploration of your love story and then begin the journey towards the manifestation of your bespoke masterpiece creation.  ​


Lewis Private Joaillier

Black Sky
Untitled design-495.png

From one of a kind Engagement Rings, Dress Rings and Necklaces to Tennis Bracelets, Earrings, Wedding Bands and more.

Australia's Pink Diamonds, certified and sourced from the Argyle mine, which was responsible for over 90% of the World's supply of Pink Diamonds, however the mine closed in 2020.

See why SMSF's and Private Investors are buying investment Australian Pink Diamonds.

Learn about Colour Grading, Cut Grading, Clarity and more for White Diamonds and Fancy Colour Diamonds.

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