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‘I look into a Diamond and I see a pond that holds the nectar of immortality’


Born under crushing pressures and intense heat hundreds of kilometres within the Earth, the World’s oldest Diamonds are said to be over 3.2 billion years old.


Each year, special Diamonds come to market from both local and international connoisseurs from which only the best are acquired for clients.


Lewis Joaillier only deals with reputable suppliers and craftsman who are committed to obtaining precious metals and gemstones in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible. The International Diamond suppliers used adhere to the Kimberley process, never buying or trading rough Diamonds from areas where it would encourage conflict or human suffering.


The majority of the Diamonds offered are laser inscribed with a unique Gemological Institute of America tracking number, allowing its authenticity to be traced; this insures the hallmark of quality, accountability and provenance. I have many Diamonds available which are sourced from the Argyle mine in Western Australia and these Diamonds have a provenance certificate accompanying the relevant GIA or HRD report.


Like magic, Diamonds appear for each soul. The one that’s destined for you to own, will stand out. This is generally the beginning of the design process.

Clientele are presented with a selection of Diamond to choose from Australia or International Diamonds. I truly believe that the right Diamond will be your destiny, either small medium or large - it will be perfect for you, and symbolise your love story. After the Diamond consultation a masterpiece is designed especially for you; representing your individual style that becomes a unique signature of love. Each design has a story to tell and these stories unite human beings.  


In addition to the individual stories being told, each design encapsulates knowledge from international High Jewellery styles, acquired through years of expertise and travels to the greatest Diamond districts all over the world. 


‘Artistry ignites passion’


The divine creations are handmade by highly skilled master jewellers and craftsman who meticulously create intricate jewelled works of art.


The Australian made creation is one of the highest quality standards for jewellery in the World. The jewel is bound into an immaculate and elegant setting for eternity.


Lewis Joaillier is dedicated to giving clientele an exceptional level of personalised client service. From intricate and personal bespoke commissions to assisting with the perfect marriage proposal, each client is promised something very special and exclusively tailored to their individual requests.





’Holding The Box on bended knee’


After choosing a diamond and deciding on the aesthetic, the design drawings are articulated to begin the creation of the bespoke jewel. Rings normally take 2 to 8 weeks to create, depending on the design. 


All creations containing a Diamond sourced from the Argyle mine, either white or coloured will be presented in an exclusive ‘Folder’, for all the certificates of authenticity to be stored and protected and your special love story. This document folder will be important for the future family generations, as the mine has now closed.


All jewels are presented in luxury packages.


An independent valuation certificate is provided to authenticate the jewel with the corresponding gemstone certificates.

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