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The World of Colour


‘Colour transcends time, survives fashion trends, sets the tone, measures boldness and courage. It combines, mixes, melts, explodes and sings’

Entering the World of natural Fancy Colour Diamonds is a rare and fantastic experience. It greatly uplifts and gives joy because human beings have a psychological effect towards colour.


As opposed to colourless Diamonds, which contain only different shades graded from D–Z, Fancy Colour Diamonds are found with 12 different colors, over 90 secondary hues, 9 intensity levels, and over 230 colour combinations.


Similar to any other Diamond, the value is calculated according to the Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight, known to many as the 4Cs. Fancy colour Diamonds are so unique, the colour of the Diamond is considered the most important Diamond attribute.

Diamond Grading Chart
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